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About the Project

This request is part of a post graduate research project, through the Glasgow School of Art, about how we relate to the places we live, and the role that film can play in showing new perspectives and understanding of this relationship, our identity and attachments to home and place. The invitation to contribute a film is being sent to people living in parts of Scotland that are often referred to as ‘rural’ or ‘remote’. Through a variety of filmmaking approaches the aim is to gather a diverse range of ‘everyday film tales’ exploring people’s own perspectives and stories of the places they live rather than the identities often given to these places by outside bodies such as government, policy makers or tourist board. Also exploring the relationship people have with film and the role of the camera and filmmaker, the project seeks to reveal new insights into the way that film can be used in the representation and identity of individuals and communities across the Highlands and Islands. By taking part, you will be part of creating a moving archive of visual stories, sharing perspectives of place, and will be able to watch it evolve as more films are added.




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Permissions Of Use

By taking part in this project you are agreeing to have your film shown alongside other participants on a secure website with limited access. You are asked to provide your age, gender and location but if you wish to remain anonymous you can request that these details are not put on the website. Your film will be part of creating a community of people visually sharing some perspective of their home. Some participants will be contacted later in the project with the possibility of a follow up meeting and possible further participation. If you do not wish to be contacted please let me know when you send your film. It is also possible that there will be opportunity for the films to be shared or screened more widely, possibly at an exhibition or local community screening. If this is the case you will be contacted before hand and no films will be shown without full permission from participants. The aim is to gather as wide a range of perspectives and stories as possible, across generations, gender, 'local' and 'incomer' narratives, all are welcome! Please make sure that anyone featuring in your film is informed and aware of this project. If you are under 16 and wish to send in a film please ensure a parent or guardian is aware of your participation. Thank you very much for taking part!


Sophia Sheppard

Starting life on a croft in the North East of Scotland Sophia grew up in Edinburgh and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2016 with a first class honours degree. She specialised in photography and documentary film and is particularly interested in human and social narratives. In 2017 she returned to Moray near to where she was born to undertake a research masters degree focusing on film and its role in rural communities.


If you have any questions about the project or taking part please get in touch! Send films, questions, thoughts or say hello to Sophia at: